"Need to Reed"
The "Need to Reed" (intentionally spelled wrong) was formerly known as the "Reading Assignment". It will be called the Need to Reed because it sounds better, reduces the perception that it is an assignment, and better identifies the importance of the readings provided in this course. Readings will be assigned per unit of study. Sometimes this unit will last a couple of days, others may last a couple of weeks. Accordingly, your assigned readings will vary in quantity. Your reading assignment will always proceed in the same order: "Read, Process, Post, & Discuss".
Follow the readings that are linked on the page and read -- don't skim, browse, or breeze through. Read for depth and comprehension.

Reflections are a necessary part of every learning. Write a paragraph response, 125-250 words.

Follow the link below to post your reflection to a discussion forum.

Once everyone posts their reflections, reply to several of your classmates' thoughts. Extend the conversation.

List of Curriculum Topics and Assigned Readings

These are in order of when we'll cover them. This may deviate from the numerical order at times. Pay attention.

Foundations in U.S. History and Geography

F1.1: Core Ideals of American Society
F1.2: Role of Individuals in Shaping History
F2.1: Trends and transformations in American life prior to 1877

Growth of an Industrial and Urban America

6.1.1: Factors in the American Industrial Revolution
6.1.2: Labor’s Response to Industrial Growth
6.1.3: Urbanization
6.1.4: Population Changes
6.1.5: A Case Study of American Industrialism

Progressivism and Reform

6.3.1: Social Issues
6.3.2: Causes and Consequences of Progressive Reform
6.3.3: Women's Suffrage

Becoming a World Power

6.2.1: Growth of a U.S. Global Power
6.2.2: World War I
6.2.3: Domestic Impact of WWI
6.2.4: Wilson and His Opponents

Growing Crisis of Industrial Capitalism and Responses

7.1.1 The Roaring Twenties
7.1.2 Causes and Consequences of the Great Depression
7.1.3 The New Deal

World War II

7.2.1 Causes of World War II
7.2.2 U.S. and the Course of WWII
7.2.3 Impact of WWII on American Life
7.2.4 Responses to Genocide

Civil Rights in the Post-WWII Era

8.3.1 Civil Rights Movement
8.3.3, 8.3.4 Women's Rights and Civil Rights Expanded

The Cold War

8.1.1 Origins and Beginnings of the Cold War
8.1.2 Foreign Policy During the Cold War
8.1.3 End of the Cold War

Domestic Policies

8.2 Domestic Policies