The Great Depression and the Bank Crisis
This is the page for my Great Depression and New Deal Assessment. I have done the Banking crisis. You can learn what it was about and how it was fixed.

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The Great Depression and the New Deal

During the Great Depression, many people lost trust in the national banks around the nation. There was many people that went their banks and made them give them all of the money that they had because they were scared that if it stayed in the bank any longer that they would never see it again. Since so many people were demanding to get their money, over 90% of the banks throughout the entire U.S. shut down.

Soon after people started demanding their money out of banks, President Roosevelt declared a 4 day bank holiday that made all the banks in the United states shut down for four days to try stop all the people from panicking and drawing their money out. After four days, the government slowly started to check every bank in the United States to see if they had enough money to open back up. If they did then they opened and if they didn’t the Government would try and get them enough money too.

After the bank holiday, many American’s went and put their money back into the banks. Doing this, also improved the stock market a lot and helped to get through the Great Depression quicker.


My project was kind of easy. The hard parts were finding all the pictures and getting the paragraphs long enough. The recording and putting it together was also one of the harder parts because it took so long to get it right. My paragraphs were hard to get completely done but easy to follow the topics. The banking crisis has a lot of straight forward things about it. It has to deal with the stock market crash more than any other part of the Great Depression. The project itself was really fun but I think I did good on it.