The Great Depression and The Bank Holiday

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The Great Depression and the New Deal

Write a few paragraphs about the Great Depression. This can be some of what is in your video, but also include an answer to the following questions:
  • What opposition was there to Roosevelt's New Deal? What role did the Supreme Court play in balancing what America needed and what was Constitutionally allowed (see "Roosevelt and the New Deal" page 780)?
  • Re-read Legacy of the New Deal" pages 792-93. What perspectives are there on the effectiveness of the New Deal? How well did it work?
The great depression affected many people. It caused an immense amount of lost jobs and that led up to people losing their homes. When Roosevelt came up with all these ideas and plans to help our country for the better, people were a bit concerned with whether anything was going to work or not. For example, one of his plans was to shut down all bank operation for a while to keep people from freaking out and withdrawing their money. People were very afraid that this wouldn't work, but when it was all said and done, there were a lot less bank failures. The Supreme Court also had an impact on these events.


When I was making my video it wasn't to difficult because I've worked with IMovie a lot. A challenge I faced was typing up the script for the project but after I got working on it, it wasn't too bad. I learned a lot about the banking crisis and what FDR did to help make the economy better, and pull our country out of the slump. If we were to ever do something like this again, I think it would be another great learning experience, but I think we should have more time to get better information and learn more about our topics.