Need to Reed

Analyze the changing urban and rural landscape by examining
  • the location and expansion of major urban centers
  • the growth of cities linked by industry and trade
  • the development of cities divided by race, ethnicity, and class
  • resulting tensions among and within groups
  • different perspectives about immigrant experiences in the urban setting
Preview this expectation by viewing a Keynote on Urbanization.


Learning Activity

Essential Questions:
  1. Where were the major urban centers located (specifically and generally)?
  2. What role did transportation play in the growth of cities?
  3. How were cities divided by race and class?
  4. What problems arose out of the rapid growth of cities?
Explore these essential questions by downloading and completing the 6.1.3 Worksheet (which includes a video follow-up). This is homework. You will need Cities Grow and Change in order to complete your worksheet.


How will you demonstrate your understanding of urbanization? Work with a partner to represent how you've learned about "labor's response to industrial growth". Choose one of the three options below:

Explore an event, organization, or individual that exemplifies or illustrates the changing urban and rural landscape. Choose any two (or more) of the following people/events:
Boss Tweed
Jacob Riis
city engineering
the elevator
How the Other Half Lives

Main Railroad Hubs
public transportation
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Great Chicago Fire 1871
Empire State Building
Jane Addams
The Flatiron Building
George Waring

Examples of an Assessment Project
  • News Broadcast of the Great Chicago Fire or the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire exposing the logistical problems of big cities
  • Recorded Interview with Jane Addams about her work
  • An essay on the role of public transportation on allowing cities to grow up and out
  • A map of a network of cities connected through industry and trade (urban interdependency)
  • A report (driven by photos) of urban architecture
  • History of the subway
  • Journalistic detective work exposing the greed and corruption in cities including Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall
  • newspaper article
  • Giving a keynote presentation( with pictures and lots of information) about what Boss Tweed did.
  • Make a book about Urbanization.


City Life in the Late 19th Century
Photographs from the Chicago Daily News